Over summer 2018, we ran a survey to find out what people thought of 1000 word challenge.
You can find the survey results here.

‘I was amazed at the depth and detail the feedback went into. Clearly the person feeding back had read every word really carefully and commented on so many aspects. I felt they were spot-on comments. Very helpful without being overly critical.’
Trish H, Cheshire

‘I was so thrilled with my commendation prize that I’ve since enrolled on a Master’s in creative writing course.’
Anna H, Edinburgh

‘I really enjoyed reading your edit of my story – you did a fantastic job.’
Alex H, Australia

‘I would like to thank you for your feedback last year on my story “Red Mist”. I rewrote a longer version with a different title, bearing your comments in mind, and the story has won second place in a recent Writing Magazine competition. Needless to say I am delighted and very grateful for the clear, concise and actionable feedback you provided.’
Barbara Y, Northumberland

‘I implemented some of the changes you suggested and, as a result, I won first prize in the WOW Creative Writing Matters competition. Thank you so much! The feedback is brilliant.’
Jill Y, Oxfordshire

‘Thanks for the excellent feedback. It’s well balanced and gives me plenty to think about for next time. I love this competition and the opportunity to receive feedback is an amazing bonus.’
Linda M, Hampshire

‘This was a great experience and I appreciate the time you’ve put into editing.’
Ben L, Kentucky, USA

‘Thanks so much for this feedback. I’ve found it really valuable.’
Faiza B, Australia

‘I find the judges’ comments invaluable and I will use them to improve my writing and redo my story on the strength of the guidance.’
Alistair M, Glasgow

‘Thanks again for your feedback - I find it really helpful.’         
Louise K, London

‘Thank you ever so much for your feedback and constructive criticism. It is very much appreciated.’
Harry O, Kent

‘Thanks very much for your feedback. This is really detailed and useful.’         
Oonagh M, Glasgow

‘Thank you for the constructive feedback. It will no doubt improve my writing.’
Kelly B, North Carolina, USA

‘Thanks so much for the very useful and clear feedback.’         
Iona W, New Zealand

‘Thank you very much for the feedback. It’s really helpful and gives me lots to work on.’
Helen C, East Sussex

‘It’s a great competition that you’re running.’                           
Isla R, Glasgow

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